Monday, 24 October 2011

A Walk @ MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Last saturday, we just went to MacRitchie Reservoir Park, think this has been quite a while seem my secondary school to the part.....hmmm that mean it has been almost 13 years that i have not been to this park.

Everything has changed, the envoirment, the look, even the parking area...... Government has really been doing something to our park... It was really a hotty and sunny day for us....

Had a walk to the water bridge which is only to your angle only... I had posted some photos as follow..... As for the parking charges was around $1.60 for around 1 hour..... Alot of people loves to come to this park to jog too....

Wedsite for MacRitchie Reservoir Park :

Going towards the water bridge

The zipzap bridge

Opening of the MacRitchie Resorvoir

Water bridge

My family photo


Macritchie Fittness Park

Jogging in the park

A walk back to carpark


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Angry Bird Birthday

Hi Everyone

Noticed that Angry Bird has made it so famous till that now that you can find it in Bakery shop selling birthday cake, cupcake etc.......

Below are some of my photos of the Angry Bird Birthday Cake that i ordered for my daughter for her 6th birthday. It was brought from Yishun, Khatib. This is a 1.5kg for $38 3D birthday cake...... It really look very nice and yummy.

They have a few design and colors to choose too........ I ordered the cake from the bakery shop's boss over the phone..... If you need the contact, i can email to you.....

Just to share something with you guys out there.

Angry Bird Cake
My Daughter's 6th birthday, requested for Angry Bird Cake

Celebration in school with Angry Bird Cake

Got a nice video from youtube on how to do a angry bird cupcake, looks really yummy....

Saturday, 15 October 2011

我的赖皮女友 Music Video

Find this youtube video very interesting, sooo sooo cut and sweet!

Hope you guys will enjoy the music while browsing through our pages!

Have a nice day shopping!!


EK Collection Lovingit

SummerSeason Collection 2011 - Accessories

Fashion Leisure Korea Lovely Baby Hat!/photo.php?fbid=107642776011835&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Korea Lovely Cat Carved Brooch!/photo.php?fbid=108050992637680&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Korean Style Colorful Crystal Embellished Ring!/photo.php?fbid=107639046012208&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Korean Style Rose Embellish Hairpin!/photo.php?fbid=108047652638014&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Star Decorated Fashion Style Brooch Black!/photo.php?fbid=108054155970697&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Stylish Grids Broad Hair Band Black!/photo.php?fbid=107645789344867&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Sweet Style Pearls Embellished Hair Band White!/photo.php?fbid=108049129304533&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

SummerSeason Collection 2011 - Skirt

Two Ways Wear Irregular Chiffon Dress!/photo.php?fbid=107987322644047&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

SummerSeason Collection 2011 - Pants

Fashion Individual Rivet Embellished Short Pants Black!/photo.php?fbid=108043555971757&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Korean Style Wave Sweep Quilted Slender Pant Black!/photo.php?fbid=107655692677210&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Lovely Graceful Style Dots Printed Leggings!/photo.php?fbid=107631486012964&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

New Arrival Rivet Embellished Pants Black!/photo.php?fbid=107978852644894&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Vogue Sequin Embellished Low Waist Shorts Black!/photo.php?fbid=108036305972482&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater 

Popular Elastic Waist Lace Short Pants Black!/photo.php?fbid=108005045975608&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Sexy Lace Hollow-out Leggings Black!/photo.php?fbid=107629142679865&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Slim Elasticity Waist Gaps Skinny Pants!/photo.php?fbid=108013049308141&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater 

Stylish Hot Sale Slim Charming Pants!/photo.php?fbid=108029139306532&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

SummerSeason Collection 2011 - Dress

Color Block Dots Sleeveless Flounce Dress!/photo.php?fbid=108738769235569&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Deep V-collar Long Style Fake Two-Piece Dress Black!/photo.php?fbid=107605702682209&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Fashion Sleeveless Chiffon Dress Black!/photo.php?fbid=107596986016414&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Graceful Preppy Style Calico Strawberry Decorated Dress!/photo.php?fbid=107616599347786&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Leisure Loose Pocket Cotton Dress Yellow!/photo.php?fbid=107985215977591&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Maxi Sexy One-Shoulder Long Dress Deep Khaki!/photo.php?fbid=108734882569291&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Pleated Sleeveless Tied Waist Dress!/photo.php?fbid=108052569304189&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Rivet Embellished Off Shoulder Dress Yellow!/photo.php?fbid=107649662677813&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Round Collar Bowknot Printed Cotton Dress White!/photo.php?fbid=108001005976012&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Sex Single-shoulder Chiffon Long Sleeve Dress Black!/photo.php?fbid=107598436016269&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Sexy Halter Fashion Sleeveless Dress Black!/photo.php?fbid=107634306012682&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Sleeveless Lace-edging Deep V-neck Dress Blue!/photo.php?fbid=107992922643487&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater

Two Piece Lovely Panda Printing Dress Black!/photo.php?fbid=108031029306343&set=a.107591299350316.14299.100002983408762&type=3&theater