Thursday, 10 November 2011

Trip to Melaka Part IIIIII - Eagle Ranch Resort Port Dickson

On our way back to Melaka, we passed by this resort. We find it interesting and decided to go in and take a look. It has a very large open field and a variety of resort for the stay.

The most interesting room are the Tepee (Tent Design) and Bandwagon (Car Carridge).

The design were as follow:-

1. Paddok Chalet
2. Log Cabin
3. Tepee
4. Padock Dorm
5. Kampung House
6. Bandwagon
7. Log Dorm
8. A-Hut

They also has team building activities here too.

Location : Lot 544,  Batu 14, Jalan Pantai, 71250 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Tel : 606 6610 495



Side view of Bandwagon

Relaxing place (Bar)

The restaurant

Horse riding

Horse riding

A view of the swimming pool and the resort

Another resort

Activities chart
Check in counter

Want a ride

Their logo (Eagle)

Brochure for your reference
Brochure for your reference

Brochure for your reference

Brochure for your reference

Brochure for your reference

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Trip to Melaka Part IIIII - Port Dickson temple

The second day, we drive up to Portdickson to pray. Actually we had been this temple alot of times.....

Below are the photos that i took.

Can PM me if you need any infor.

Entrance of the temple
Opp building is a restaurant which has three storey

Quan Yin

My kids and nephew posing for a photo

Side view of the temple surronding

Temple big entrance

Inside of the temple

The auspicious turtle

Turtle pond

Turtle pond

Side view of the surronding of the temple

My kids posing for a snap

Find it pretty, took a snap

snap a shot

Trip to Melaka Part IIII - Jonker Walk

The nite was still abit early, so went to Jonker walk to shop shop. It was like our singapore's pasar malam lor.... But things were cheaper than Singapore. It is now converted to a smoke free city..... Do you think so? Wahaha...... I still can see people smoking freely in this area tooo......

Below are some of the photos that i took while shopping there, but there are still some area which are the tourism attraction that i did not cover here....

Can PM me if you need any infor.....

Entrance to Jonker Walk

Opp Jonker Walk

The Sign of Jonker Walk

Old building of a restaurant

Very messy area

Ladies Toilet, need to climb up the stairs

Think this is a temple
This is a shop selling handmade soap, very good for sentitive skin

The entrance

I find it interesting, so i snap a few photo of the shop

The soap shop sign board

A shop selling gifts

Jumbo Art shop

A clearer view

Selling Egg size fruit ice cream

My daughter taking the lychee and passion fruit favour ice cream

Sitting on the crow status posing for a photo

Passby, find it interesting, so snap a shot

Another temple if i not wrong

Pasar Malam

Pasar Malam

A fasmous shop selling local food, i always come to this shop to buy the local food back home

Colourful trickshaw

Selling melaka dessert, but not the really famous one here