Wednesday, 14 December 2011

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Food Experience @ Johor Malaysia

Hi All

Would like to share wif guys about our food experience... We google before we set out to Johor for our shopping trip, this time we went to this restaurant @ 69 Jalan Anggerik3, Taman Kulai Utama, 8100 Kulai, Johor which is very near to the Johor Premium Outlet. This is a very famous restuarant in this area. It opens from 5.30pm till 1.30am everyday, closed every two week's tuesday.

They have alot of customers when we reached there to tao bao our dinner back to singapore.

Service was excellent too, with quite a few helpers...... They were famous for their salted crab. We did try a few dishes that the waitress recommend to us..

Below are the food that we ordered.

Any enquiry, pm me, i will try my best to answer you.

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Johor Premium Outlet - Grand Opening 11 Dec 2011

Had some photos on the grand opening fire work and a video to share.

Happy watching....

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Johor Premium Outlet (Malaysia Johor)

Hi All

I would like to share wif you guys on my experience to Johor Premium Outlet on the 1st Dec 2011.
That day when we reach there, we could see alot of cars in the car park.
The feeling that you reach there, the exterior feature was that Woo this look almost the same design as the one I went to, in JAPAN. But to compare, it was really much much smaller then JAPAN.When I went in. i realise that there are still quite a no of outlets still not ready for the opening. We slowly go in to the outlets one by one..... When we compare the prcies with Singapore outlets, it was really much cheaper but if compare with oversea premium outlets, it really cant be compare. They did one good job was that they installed quite a lot of fan with mist. You can even find houseflies in the outlets, very annonying....  After going through all the outlets, I think only a few outlet worth buying.....
We didnt had anything before we came, so after a few hours, we decided to had our late lunch @ Taang Shifu Resturant, photos taken for reference.... Food there was still ok with a reasonable price but i think they were still not ready for this crowd yet, not enough manpower...... We had to wait for about half an hour to get a table.... After the lunch, we proceed to visit the outlets again to finish our shopping before going home, didnt really brought anything...... So was like a bit disappointed...Overall bill for our lunch RM115.30 convert to SGD48.10, so it was still within our budget. We did brought a Puma jacket for my daughter RM111 convert to SGD46.25, a dryfit nike shirt RM27 convert SGD11.25, a dryfirt color shirt RM41 convert to SGD17.08 and a Man U Jeycy $50 plus. A coach wristlet SGD50plus. Guess also worth buying, i saw a few bags round SGD40 plus. Cheap cheap too... I had also loaded some photos when i went around the JPO! Happy reading...

Below are some of the infor i google and put in for your reference.

Sneak Preview
2-10 December
Be the first to experience Johor Premium Outlets, the first Premium Outlet Center in South East Asia.

Live Musical Performance
2-4 and 10-11 December
Enjoy live performances from a highly praised hand in the region, Estapronto, on the 2-4 and 10-11 of December, bringing lively music to the center in celebration of the opening.

Grand Opening Ceremony and Celebration Party
11 December
Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Hj Abdul Razak will officiate the opening ceremony together with honorable guests from around the world. Don’t miss the chance to witness the opening ceremony
and the opportunity to meet VIPs patronizing the event on the day!

Grand Opening Celebration
11-18 December
Enjoy extra savings in addition to the everyday savings of 25% – 65% at participating stores.

Hope all these informations helps... Anything just PM me la...