Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Trip to Melaka Part I - Dim Sum

When was our last time that we had a short trip holiday, hmmm that was like half a year ba..... So last week  we really went for a short trip holiday to Melaka... We wake up @ 3.30am to prepare and leave the our area @ 5am.... We drove to tuas for the second link route to Melaka.. When we reach Tuas second link, it was already a short queue that we think is already better than last time that we always met with a long queue that will last at least 1 hours plus to get to the counter for the checking.. We were very lucky that this time, it only took about less than half an hour in the queue.
We speed all the way to malaysia custom, lucky too, not much queue..... Happily, we speed all our way up to Meleka, think it took about 3 to 4 hours to reach. When we reach there, we went to have our breaskfast. The food was yummy and cheap...

Below are the photos that i took @ melaka dim sum stall......

If you need the address, can PM me

The dim sum stall

The front entrance


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