Monday, 24 October 2011

A Walk @ MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Last saturday, we just went to MacRitchie Reservoir Park, think this has been quite a while seem my secondary school to the part.....hmmm that mean it has been almost 13 years that i have not been to this park.

Everything has changed, the envoirment, the look, even the parking area...... Government has really been doing something to our park... It was really a hotty and sunny day for us....

Had a walk to the water bridge which is only to your angle only... I had posted some photos as follow..... As for the parking charges was around $1.60 for around 1 hour..... Alot of people loves to come to this park to jog too....

Wedsite for MacRitchie Reservoir Park :

Going towards the water bridge

The zipzap bridge

Opening of the MacRitchie Resorvoir

Water bridge

My family photo


Macritchie Fittness Park

Jogging in the park

A walk back to carpark


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