Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My New IPhone 4S


We went down to tampines starhub to get our hand on the Iphone 4S. We knew that Singaporean would be there queuing for the Iphone 4S before the official opening. So we went down @ around 8am plus and reach there before 9am. Found out that there is already a long long queue queuing to Singtel store. You can image how many people already queueing before me.....

Luckily there were some security staff doing their job to maintain the flow. It was a long and tiring queue when suddenly the starhub staff went asking anyone received email from starhub regarding the Iphone 4S. Then i saw a few showing the staff a email printout..... Awhile later i was the staffs bringing them away..... It turn out to be that they have the priority to get the Iphone first with queuing and waiting for that long.... Isn't it unfair. Before the launch of Iphone 4S, we had called starhub to check whether there is a preorder or any priority queue and they say there isnt with such a stupid answer and we accepted. When we reached the counter to get the no queue then we get the proirty queue for us Platinum privilege for a shorter queue.
We got us no. 4025 and 4026(my sis in law). With this no, we also had to wait about half an hour to get to the counter to purchase our Iphone 4S, i ask the staff a question regarding the rumor of the preordering of Iphone 4S, the staff told me, only the corporate account were invited for the preordering because they have a big account! Isn't this unfair, so what is the privilege of platinum account too?

I check on starhub facebook that quite a lot of customers were complaining about this too....
Here's the link to starhub facebook that you can have check!/StarHub
New Feature for Iphone 4S
* 8-megapixel camera
* Dual-core A5 chip.
   The most powerful iPhone ever.
* iCloud. Your content. On all your devices.
* Retina display.
   Clearly remarkable.

* FaceTime. It’s even better face-to-face
* AirPlay. From the small screen to the big screen.
* AirPrint.
   Print everything wirelessly.

* Built-in apps. They do just about everything. So you can, too.


Below are the photos that i took while queueing for the phone!!
View from 2nd level

View to 3rd level
2nd level queue

Towards starhub queue

closer look towards starhub view

My hubby's Iphone 4S

Iphone 4S box

Abit thinner

A funny video fomr Mr Brown on Iphone 4S

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